10th Asia-Pacific Young Researchers and Graduates Symposium

Resilient and Smart Civil Infrastructure

6-8 December 2023, Perth, Australia

Organized by
Centre for Infrastructural Monitoring and Protection (CIMP)
Curtin University
Perth, Australia

Background and Objectives

The Asia-Pacific Young Researchers and Graduates Symposium (YRGS) is primarily a platform for early-stage structural engineering professors, research scientists, professional engineers, postdoctoral fellows and postgraduate students to present their latest findings within the context of the wider structural engineering discipline. The symposium features oral presentations predominantly from early-career structural engineering people but also includes talks from leading figures in the field. It provides an opportunity for learning about future career paths and networking with fellow researchers. One of the valuable merits of attending YRGS is the opportunity to network with a wide range of structural engineering researchers from the Asia-Pacific regions to develop collaboration and friendship.

Key Dates

  • Abstract submission: 15 July 2023
  • Abstract submission extension: 15 Aug 2023
  • Abstract acceptance: 30 July 2023
  • Abstract acceptance extension: 20 Aug 2023
  • Early bird registration: before 1 Oct 2023
  • Registration: before 15 Nov 2023

Remark: The above deadlines may be subject to change if deemed necessary.

VISA Application

  • Subclass 600 - Visitor visa
  • Click here to browse the details of Subclass 600 - Visitor visa

    Scope of YRGS2023

    The YRGS 2023 focuses on general research topics in structural engineering, particular resilient and smart civil infrastructure. Papers addressing advances in structural engineering are cordially invited for submission:

    • Emerging materials and structural systems
    • Structural diagnosis and assessment
    • Structural health monitoring
    • Durability of existing structures
    • Life-cycle maintenance of existing structures
    • Structure reliability
    • Multi-Hazard resistance and disaster mitigation
    • New design theories
    • Resilient structures and structural performance
    • Innovative numerical approaches
    • Big-data and machine-learning in structural engineering
    • Engineering practice in the above field

    Conference Location

    Curtin 137 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000